Nhar // Correspondant
Format // 12"
"Correspondant" has been Jennifer Cardini's residence at Rex Club Paris for 8 years. The parties have been legendary with guests and friends from all over the world and today we are extremely proud to announce that Correspondant has become a label!
For our first release Nhar and Plein Soleil will have the honors. Nhar began his productions alongside Kevin Scherschel as the 22 Crew and has since then worked with minimal house imprints Modelisme, Plak or Mobilee to name a few ...
On the B side comes Plein Soleil's interpretation. Lead by Krikor and Chloe, Plein Soleil need no introduction; everyone remembers their latest pressing on Live At Robert Johnson as well as their stunning remix of Losoul on Playhouse.
So get ready for Nhar and Plein Soleil…
  • Release Date // May 30, 2011
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Correspondant 01
  • EAN // 880319523915