The Power of Now

Various Artists // Cómeme
Format // 12"
After only a tiny time-out Cómeme can´t help but remain restless and return even more internationalist than before, since this EP brings together artists from Moscow, Medellin and Cologne, as well as guests from Spain. It´s a collection of tracks that translate Cómeme’s ever quintessential voltage into different musical temperaments, drawing the bow from infectious semi-electronic body music and cumbia-inspired rhythm affairs to detached pitch-frenzied sequence-disco and a sphinxy creature with fanfares and whiplashes.
Typical Cómeme the opener doesn´t falter to capture the dancer. Berlín esta helado (Berlin is frozen) is the stirring and boisterous result of a jam session held in Matias Aguayo’s district studio in Berlin, not far from David Bowie’s late 70s address and close to a cemetery which harbours the Brothers Grimm. Philipp Gorbachev (prod.), Hugo Capablanca (voc.)

and La Muerte (bass) tackle these and other spirits with extra energy infusion.
17-year old Colombian Dany F is a newcomer to the Cómeme kin. Apart from running his own label in Medellin he’ s pretty much active in generously giving away his music on Soundcloud. Rumour has it that the Medellin scene has some surprises to offer. Here we have an exquisite foretaste, an exercise in offbeat effectivity.
With The Power Of Now Christian S, Cologne-based DJ and long time collaborator with Matias Aguayo, deepens his very own definition of celebrating the electrifying moment. See what pitch can do to you. There is some Cheri in the drums, some Throbbing Gristle in the sequence, but out of this crackpot bottle jumps a genie in the guise of frenzied pitch-nutty snares. And yes, one does snarerolls again. This irresistable piece follows in the steps of his Cómeme classic Jagos. It´s nomen est omen par exellence.
Geffen was originally a clandestine love declaration to the Cómeme sound, made public on one wild party night when its producer Daniel Ansorge a.k.a Barnt (also a co-founder of the much acclaimed Cologne-based label Magazine) eventually played it to the crowd. Why on earth did he hesitate? It instantly turned out that Geffen was frenetically loved back. Not only by the dancers but also by Cómeme DJs who spin it ever since. True to the motto that elegance is refusal this cornerstone in stripped down octave-lunacy gets rid of any fancywork for the sake of hypnotic bliss.
Artists Barnt // Dany F // Christian S. // Philipp Gorbachev // Hugo Capablanca // La Muerte
  • Release Date // April 9, 2012
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Cómeme 013
  • EAN // 880319574115