Probably Love

Format // LP
Autotune, echo and reverb - slow heart beats and minor chords.
o F F Love‘s music is fragile.
Hidding behind a Ying Yang print scarf and transforming his voice, o F F Love is taking a distance. However he couldn’t be more direct in the way of sharing his feelings with his minimal productions and repetitions: not looking for perfection, but emotions.
Feelings are shared, almost forgetting about privacy or discretion. Just like o F F Love performances might have made some of the audience members feel like a voyeur. Akon, Backtreet Boys and Arthur Russell.
Mixing his obsessions for boy bands of the 90‘s (see the live video or the music video for Let U Know), the vulnerabi- lity and extreme emotion in Arthur Russell and Panda Bear vocals, and the excessive use of autotune by current RnB artists, o F F Love creates a heart-rending minimal RnB.
RnB in disguise floating between a kaleidoscope of ambient sounds and a more noisy cataclysm of emotions.
Ethereal love songs, noisy ballads and RnB in disguise
Probably Love, is an open diary about what can be mistaken for Love. .
Presenting o F F Love as a broken Dreamer, a wounded Lover, missing the One
o F F Love released 2 EP in 2011 (Disenchanted Fairytale and SECRET under the name o F F), and played/perfor- med in Europe supporting CocoRosie, How to Dress Well, Creep, Butterclock, oOoOO and Sin Fang, but also in some less conventional venues such a boxing ring, a bed, on top of a construction site for the opening of an art show in Berlin.
A concert in Iceland last Spring (where he was joined on stage by Kria Brekkan) was reviewed on the New York Times website,
THE NEW YORK TIMES about o F F Love: The Berlin-based French musician known as o.F.F. performed his brand of sensitive, semi-ambient electronic R&B for a small crowd in at Faktory in Reykjavik, Iceland, last week. Shrouded in a yin yang patterned scarf tucked into his baseball hat, o.F.F. crooned of lost loves and their workings on his heart, while Kira Brekkan, his special guest for the evening, writhed stage left, contributing soft sound effects. o.F.F. wandered into the crowd, presenting red roses to select beautiful young Icelanders, delicately painting a picture of himself as a lover, not a fighter.
  • Release Date // January 16, 2012
  • Format // LP
  • Catalog Nr // Max 001
  • EAN // 4260065629950