Hijos De José

Daniel Maloso // Cómeme
Format // 12"
The Cómeme caravan continues their trek to dance floor domination with the return of Daniel Maloso - undeniably, the label's newest and biggest talent to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico and currently residing in Barcelona, those who have been lucky to catch Matias Aguayo performing on the recent Cómeme European Tour would have seen this force sharing the stage and mic and playing solo. Expect to see much more of them together including sharing a headlining slot London's Southbank Centre on February 25th.

Maloso's disco is undeniable - already the creator of a Cómeme favorite “Ritmo Especial” (Cómeme 006) hailed by Bleep/Warp as one of the top tracks of 2010 , plus you definitely heard it in every DJ set Michael Mayer dished out over the past year. You will also know him thanks to helping out Rebolledo with his infamous “Guerrero” 12”….now he returns with an EP all his own for 2011!

“Hijos De José” crosses the genre spectrum and ingeniously spits out sweat drenching, musical madness. Launching off with a relentless sequencer bass lines conjured by DAF together with a swinging disco beat

- Daniel Maloso vocally plays with the title lyric “Noy Doy Nada” in every which way. “Caracol” is purely instrumental and utterly devastating. Hand clap disco ala Metro Area tweaked out with a killer arpeggio makes this for a timeless player.

“Discoteca Cavernicola” has become a proven live show favorite for Daniel Maloso - call it “caveman disco” if you will as this is pure electronic body music at its most primal and found at the depths of drums, feathers, beats and color.

It's the place where old and new collide! The title track “Hijo De José” translates to “We Are All Children Of Joseph” - whatever that is supposed to mean we will leave that with you but we can say that it comes out like a revealing truth through out the track and regardless of what he is singing or not it translates to something we all can agree with and love: techno music!

The digital version comes with two bonus tracks “Crush” and “Coliseos”!
  • Release Date // March 14, 2011
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Cómeme 009
  • EAN // 880319508516