Hero of Tomorrow

Philipp Gorbachev // Cómeme
Format // 12"
Out from the Delta and down to the District – that turn is central. Philipp: “For me it has been always important to create an environment in which my music takes place. I call it the District and there music is sounding every second. The District is my fantasy. The Delta (Cómeme 012) was like a package. It was like the era of Delta Blues or Texas Punk, beasts and libertines, from the view of a wild Russian guy. It was about impressions and flashes. There was still the dimension of a certain duality where it mattered which side you were on. Chemical drugs or TV, books and knowledge or social networks - so that was actually a search. The District is more what you see if you go closer and open that package to finish the search, like a condom pack, or a chewing gum pack, and the real tough environment that is around. Matias Aguayo: “I think Philipp Gorbachev definitely is leaving the Delta on this EP to reappear deep down in the District where he turns all the trash and street sound, the screeching of the tires of his car, the real lifetime situations into real lifetime techno music that is more rock'n'roll than any guitar nowadays could be. This is the sound of the angry young man in the digital age, and in the age of ever crackling and burning postcapitalist landscapes of despair and horror, to amplify his wild love, anger and will to take things to their extreme, leaving all that stupid genre cliches behind, making music that is music in itself, not a representation of music defined by clear references but by a heavy devotion to the will of the spirits of the underground.” Recorded in Berlin Schöneberg and in Sternhagen Gut, together with Matias Aguayo, Daniel Maloso, Felipe Gutierrez, Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder, Julia 'Yula' Kasprzak.
  • Release Date // January 14, 2013
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Comeme 019
  • EAN // 880319605819