Rebolledo // Cómeme
Format // 12"

Rebolledo is an artist from Xalapa, México, who is very much part of the Comeme family of Latin American artists. He's been around from the early days when he used to provide music for the Buenos Aires based Bumbumbox street parties. So far he's had tracks on previous comeme releases, notably PITAYA FRENESI, but this is his first full release on his own. Rebodello is the consummate Comeme artist, with a quirky sense of humour, a unique Latin American approach to dance music and a lean lo-fi approach to track making that is built to cut through

on any sound system.

Lead track 'Guerrero '

follows in Comeme's now established

strange sense of humour, Guerrero means warrrior and is a track about a "guerrero" who comes out at night and dresses in leather, it's all shouted vocals simple beats and 80's style synths.
Venganza y Seduccion means 'vengeance and seduction' and features suggestive panted echoing vocals over a cosmic disco bassline, while atmospheric chords build in the background, if this sounds strange it's because it is, but the combination works really well in a club.
The b side of the record is much harder and more techno-like - Marchante is completely different, aggressive kick drums, a pulsing bassline and siren-like synths bring this track a panicked feel, which is offset by the way the drums build into tough patterns. Raid features strange nonsense vocals over a pulsing rhythm track that reminds of old Chicago acid, if it wasn't for the strange atmosphere.

Rebodello is a very welcome addition to the world of dance music.
Artists Rebolledo // Daniel Maloso
  • Release Date // August 31, 2009
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Cómeme 004
  • EAN // 880319435416