The Von Duesz // M=MAXIMAL
Format // Digital
Live performed club-music, dancefloor-jazz deep as dark house, a sound like a warm cave: With
the three-piece band The Von Duesz, electro-organic music from Germany gets a projectile
which taps the pulse of the age. Animating the monotony of minimalist electronic music with
errors, improvisation and physical energy, their "Dancekraut" becomes the soundtrack to plunge,
turn around and start to shake.
We are looking forward to the new album GARANT, to be released in September 2012.
Beforehand, the two singles DIESEL and THE WORST HAS YET TO COME will be released.
  • Release Date // July 23, 2012
  • Format // Digital
  • Catalog Nr // Max 007
  • EAN // 4260065629899