De la Cabeza

Djs Pareja // Cómeme
Format // 12"
From the ‘fuego’ department of Cómemia comes ‘De La Cabeza’ (‘Off Your Head’). “Que fuego” In Buenos Aires, when a particular style is particularly flamboyant, they say “Que fuego”; be it an evening gown, a staggering dancing step, a good phrase or a precious little make-up smear. All these things are part of the wonderful world of DJs Pareja; one portrait shot of them and we all want to repeat the word ‘boy’ (or even better: ‘BOY’). Dedicated extroverts that they are, they happily go crazy when hosting the Fun Fun nights in Buenos Aires, but as well travelled DJs, they’ve shared so many equally crazy nights. Being involved from the very beginning as members of the ‘Cómemian’ society, their label debut was in 2009 as part of a split 12“ releasese with, Matias Aguayo – but what is happening here and now with DJs Pareja...?
“The whole idea of this EP is being off your head in another world, a dark, fantastic and unreal world”, they tell us about these four unsettling tracks, probably the DJs most expressive works to date; track by track they unfold themselves as rampant, raw nightlife fantasies. As the title track suggests, rhythms adopt all kinds of sudden movements and kinetics; what is that fog horn? What are these zigzagging tones? Voices? Vertigo? This pleasure steamer is certainly getting lost in troubled waters! ‘Ladren Ladren (‘Bark Bark’) has the aroma of melting bronze; ‘doggy-style’ rhythms from the ghettos of Chicago meet the fuzz of acid-rock; this piece of art is ready to get vandalized! The lunatic latin techno of ‘No Paren’ urges you not to stop, like, “little drummer boy, look how you’ve grown – good Lord!”. Finally, ‘Saxo Temor’ (‘Sax Fear’),  distils the mood into noir-ish finale. The saxophone takes a dizzying lead from peak to trough (or as DJs Pareja would say, “Twin Peaks”) and it’s perfect beat reveals a primal, arcane, rhythmical tradition, that the DJs love, with it’s ceaseless cowbell rhythm.  
  • Release Date // November 12, 2012
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Cómeme 018
  • EAN // 880319601910