Benefit Compilation For Japan

Various Artists Of Kompakt Distribution // Kompakt Benefiz
Format // Digital

Even if the headlines are now dominated by other topics, many of our Japanese friends are still in a dire situation. Kompakt's family of distributed labels feels the urge to help, so here it comes: 34 tracks handpicked by the owners of some of the world's leading labels in electronic music: Ostgut Ton, Freude Am Tanzen, Bpitch Control, Dial, Kompakt, Comeme, Raster Noton, Monika, RRrygular, Vidab Records, Optimo Music, Anticipate and many more. Ranging from ethereal ambient sounds to pumping club sounds of Berlin, New York's new disco underground and leftfield experimentations, there's something for everyone. There are many options as to where you can purchase this special compilation, but we encourage you to buy the compilation from Bandcamp or Other Music as 100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Red Cross Society Of Japan. Bandcamp also offers you the option to pay more as an extra donation. The pricing for the compilation is € 7.99 for all 34 tracks, or € .99 per individual track.  


We would like to thank the following labels and companies for participating in our effort to help:

Oktaf, Anticipate, Bpitch Control, Optimo Music, Monika Enterprise, Steadfast, Dial Records, Italic, Best Works Records, Kompakt, 200 Records, Supersoul Recordings, Throne Of Blood, My Favorite Robot Records, And Music, Freude Am Tanzen, Ostgut Ton, Vidab Records, C.sides, Pro-Tez, Boxer Recordings, Rrygular / Mo's Ferry Prod., Falkplatz, Foundsound Records, Cómeme, Raster-Noton, m=minimal, Musik Krause, Hypercolour, Agriculture, and Greta Cottage Workshop.

A special thanks goes out to Other Music, and Ripblock for donating 100% of their work! 

Artists Davenport // Deutschmann // Xaver Von Treyer // Yuko Matsuyama // Gowentgone // Efdemin // Manaboo // Nhar // Nick Höppner // Anne-James Chaton // Lawrence // Out Of Plato's Cave // Audision // André Lodemann // Natalie Claude // My Favorite Robot // Mr. Statik // Marsen Jules Trio // Monkey Maffia // Michael Mayer // Someone Else // Dusty Kid // Borngräber & Strüver // Maya Jane Coles // Metaboman // Antonelli // Kaito // Jahcoozi // Space System // Greie Gut Fraktion // Glitterbug // Scsi-9 // Ezekiel Honig // Cosmic Kids // Ana Helder // Tassilo // DJ Olive
  • Release Date // April 11, 2011
  • Format // Digital
  • Catalog Nr // Kompakt JAP 001
  • EAN // 880319059414