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Read: "Apodiktische Gewissheit" Gallery Version


Apodiktische Gewissheit (Gallery Version)
Gerhard Mantz / Wolfgang Voigt
January 20 - February 04, 2017
Galerie Hammelehle und Ahrens, Cologne



12" Musik-Vinyl.
Präsentiert von Profan. 

12" music vinyl.
Presented by Profan.

Out now.

2016-12-30 15:11:57 // crazy tape


Listen: Max Würden live at Klangsphäre Festival

The honour of the last podcast of 2016 goes to Pop Ambient savant Max Würden who presents his beautiful live set from November's Klangsphäre Festival in Bochum, Germany. Because we all need to chill out for a moment before 2017 hits.

2016-12-16 22:20:44 // crazy tape


Listen: Kompakt Winter Mixes 2017

Enjoy all four of our winter mixes for this holiday season in one convenient playlist - right in time for the release of Pop Ambient 2017, two of its main protagonists put together the first one: Max Würden and Thore Pfeiffer have shown a knack for collaboration before, so it comes as no surprise that their joint mix tape is particularly flowing, featuring cuts from fellow Pop Ambient heroes Leandro Fresco and Markus Guentner as well as far-flung influences such as David Bowie, Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto or Boards Of Canada. Next up was one of our favorite newcomers this year: Krisztian Dobrocsi rose to the occasion with his album "Playback Philosophy" released last September via our sister imprint KX. Recognized for crafting weighty and soulful dance tunes, his confident balancing act between deep textures and catchy hooks also finds its way into this mix, a worthwhile winterly listening experience for dreamers and dancers alike. Our third winter mix came from none other than transcendental house artiste Clarian walking a tightrope between lounge core and space exploration simulation - look out for his upcoming Kompakt 12" release "Ankh" in January! For the fourth and final mix, we presented a highly talented young man from Cologne who is the latest addition to our booking agency´s artist roster. Phillip Jondo weaves together Dadaistic tape experiments, minimal synth and mutant disco to form ceremonial rhythms. Electronic music fans, rejoice!

2016-12-10 00:30:32 // crazy tape


Watch: Reinhard Voigt's "The Singing Saw"

Check out "The Singing Saw" from Reinhard Voigt's latest 12" grinder "Kontraste" - now available in our web shop!

2016-11-25 11:29:31 // Broda Broda


Watch: Thore Pfeiffer's "Good Life" video

Pop Ambient 2017 is out now on all formats and Thore Pfeiffer has shared a dreamy video for his dreamy contribution, "Good Life". Get your hands on a copy of the record here.

2016-11-16 11:29:02 // Broda Broda


Watch: COMA's "The Sea" video

COMA have shared a lovely video for "The Sea" this week taken from their 2015 album "This Side Of Paradise" and you can watch it here right now.

2016-11-11 13:14:12 // Broda Broda


Listen: Rebolledo's DGTL X Mosaic set

DGTL has the recording of Rebolledo playing at Mosaic by Maceo during Amsterdam Dance Event in October. It's up on Soundcloud now.

2016-11-11 13:07:33 // Broda Broda


Listen: SONNS' DGTL X Kompakt set

Here's SONNS' set from our Amsterdam Dance Event party with DGTL. It's streaming on DGTL's Soundcloud page.

2016-11-11 12:30:05 // Broda Broda


Listen: Patrice Baumel's DGTL X Kompakt set

Check out this recording of Patrice Baumel playing at our DGTL X Kompakt party at ADE in October.

2016-11-09 11:43:12 // Broda Broda


Watch: Max Würden's "Fernfeld" video

Enjoy the foggy and blissful video from Max Würden's Pop Ambient track "Fernfeld", which is available digitally now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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