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Listen: Demian in the mix for THUMP

The latest arrival to our artist roster is French fancy Demian - the DJ, musician, former saxophonist (you heard that right) relocated to Paris after an influential career as electronic music pioneer and party organizer in Northern Spain. Now an accomplished producer with releases on labels such as Correspondant or Clouded Vision, he presents the "Milestars EP" on Kompakt - a quirky and vibrant track trio with an obvious knack for catchy melodic details in a kinetic techno corsage. A pretty good introduction to Demian's sound cosmos can be found with his new mixtape for THUMP, where he serves up a solid hour of churning house, slapstick techno, with a few bubblers, burblers, and bangers thrown in for good measure. "Milestars EP" hits our shelves Friday, February 20 - in the (very short) meantime, treat yourself to a top-notch DJ selection from this massively talented artist.

2015-05-11 10:23:56 // crazy tape


Out now on Kompakt: Terranova - Restless

It has finally hit shelves: "Restless", the riveting latest full-length from Terranova and cohorts, featuring a smooth blend of instrumental and vocal house tracks for dance floors, living rooms and space pods. Available now on our web shop as 180gr 2xLP+CD vinyl or single CD edition, this one's right up everyone's alley who shows an interest in banging bass bins, sizzling grooves and intuitive mayhem - again, an album produced in "liquid Terranova soundsystem" fashion, featuring Terranova's global family of soul sisters and brothers: Cath CoffeyStereo MCsLydmorBon Homme and Mandel Turner all make a much-welcomed appearance, constantly keeping the momentum cranked up and the bang-per-bucks sonics slinky and bendy. Less campfire and more wormhole, this will rule the floors for months to come. Don't forget to check out the freshly minted video for album opener "Tell Me Why" (the one with Stereo MCs' Rob Birch on the mic) - watch it here! For dem digital collectors and players out there, we've also got a pile of links to get the album from - choose your poison: Beatport (exclusive extended version), iTunes, Whatpeopleplay, Bleep, Boomkat, Juno, Traxsource and Wasabeat.

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Event: Kompakt showcase at SMS.X9

One of Germany's biggest festivals when it comes to electronic music, SonneMondSterne returns this year under the "SMS.X9" monicker, again presenting a comprehensive who is who of contemporary club culture. Among all the luminaries gathering in Saalburg, you're also going to find an amazing Kompakt showcase on August 7, including the considerable talents of Tobias Thomas, Rex The Dog, Terranova, Michael Mayer, Gui Boratto, Patrice Bäumel and Robag Wruhme - get an overview here!

Mit dem SonneMondSterne kehrt eines von Deutschlands größten Festivals in punkto elektronische Musik zurück auf die Startrampe, diesmal unter dem operativen Kürzel "SMS.X9" - das umfassende Stelldichein der Stars im Line-Up ist beeindruckend, und wir möchten allen Besuchern natürlich insbesondere das großartige Kompakt Showcase ans Herz legen, mit den Label-Koryphäen Tobias ThomasRex The DogTerranovaMichael MayerGui BorattoPatrice Bäumel und Robag Wruhme als Glanzstücke der 2015er Kollektion. Einen Überblick gibt's hier!

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Pre-order now: New art/audio label Exponate readies first release from Schneider TM

Exponate is a new concept series curated by Wolfgang Voigt with the intention to bring together artists from diverse experimental music backgrounds. To open up new musical spaces and to sound out the increasingly liquified confines between abstract ambient music and art music, between electronica and new music - that's the stated goal of Exponate. The new series starts with Berlin-based artist Schneider TM aka Dirk Dresselhaus, who is well-known for most diverse projects and collaborations across genres since the 1990s. The work at hand "Mobilee" is comprised of originally 5 stems with differing lengths, structures and frequency ranges that have been worked into one final composition and keep on shifting against each other, creating a generative system in the process. "Mobilee" was originally conceived for a sound installation in the context of the "Doofe Musik" Festival 2014 at HKW, Berlin, and is constituted of 5 abstracted treatments of one and the same source material. The lengths of the 5 versions vary between approx. 3 and 63 minutes, and cover different frequencies, from lows to highs that are both on the brink of the audible kHz range. The actual sound mobile was composed of a subwoofer and 4 stereo speakers which were attached to a metal construction at the height of 3,5 meters, hanging freely in the foyer of the HKW between objects from the text of the original piece. By changing their positions in the room, listeners and viewers could set their own sonic priorities, thus themselves intervening in the mix - which in correspondence with the never-repeating musical moments created a situation of potential infinitude. "Exponate" releases as a limited, handcrafted CD series and is exclusively available via the Kompakt record store and web shop - "Mobilee" will hit the speakers on June 1st and is now available for pre-order!

2015-05-07 09:44:11 // crazy tape


Event: Gereon Klug reads "Low Fidelity"

Wie verkauft man heute noch Schallplatten und CDs? Ohne Witz und doppelter Ironie ist der Sache nicht beizukommen. "Low Fidelity - Hans E. Plattes Briefe gegen den Mainstream" enthält die Newsletter, mit denen Gereon Klug bzw. sein Alter Ego Hans E. Platte das Unmögliche versucht. Mitten in der nicht enden wollenden Krise der Musikwirtschaft gründete Klug einen Plattenladen im Hamburger Schanzenviertel und beweist mit seinen Texten, wozu modernes Anti-Marketing in der Lage sein kann: nämlich dem Kunden nonchalant Produkte unterzujubeln und das bereits steinzeitliche Medium der Rundmail vor dem endgültigen Verschwinden zu bewahren.Seine Briefe gegen den Mainstream berichten zudem davon, wie wichtig es ist, der Liebe und dem Hass auf Leben, Menschen und Musik eine ordentliche Portion Witz beizupacken. Gereon Klug hat als Plattenhändler, Redakteur, Werbetexter und Putzerfisch diverser Künstler gearbeitet und tut dies heute noch je nach Gefühlslage. Man kennt ihn als ewigen Tourmanager von Rocko Schamoni und Studio Braun und als Gründer der Hanseplatte, einem der besten Plattenläden Hamburgs. Er ist Kreateur von Song-Ideen wie "Leider geil" (Deichkind) oder Claims wie "Vom Austrinken bedroht" und hat es geschafft, bereits im Handelsblatt, in der titanic und im Kicker zu veröffentlichen. Am 7. Mai nun die Lesung in unserem Kölner Plattenladen, die erste literarische Vollveranstaltung bei Kompakt - Einlass 19 Uhr, Karten direkt im Laden erhältlich. Mehr Info hier!

On May 7th, we're thrilled to invite you to the very first literary event at Kompakt, with a reading from the relentlessly great German author Gereon Klug who will present his most recent book "Low Fidelity". Tickets for the vent are now on sale in our Cologne record store - more info here!

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Read: Barnt and Kölsch will rule Ibiza this Summer

Discover the 15 tracks that will rule Ibiza in 2015 with Pulse's yearly round of predictions - among those that will take the White Isle by storm this year, you'll also find Kölsch's epic "DerDieDas" from Speicher 84 and the amazing Tale Of Us & Recondite rework of Barnt's "Cherry Red" (from "Magazine 131"). Find the entire list here!

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Event: Dave DK at Electronic Beats On Air / Flux FM

On Thursday, May 7, Dave DK will head to Flux FM for a little mix 'n' talk session with Electronic Beats On Air - his new full-length "Val Maira" will be a main focus, followed by a tasteful selection of favorite tunes. Tune in at 10pm EST!

2015-05-06 08:39:34 // Broda Broda


Listen: Philipp Gorbachev's ARMA session

As RA and XLR8R reported earlier this week, Philipp Gorbachev will launch his own new label, PG Tune, with a first single, entiteld "Power Of The Funk", on May 18th. In advance of the release and to whet your appetite, listen to Gorbachev's banging mix of some Cómeme tracks recorded at Moscow club ARMA17 here.

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Read: Free download of Walls' "Urals" album for one week only

Walls' third and final album "Urals" came out on Ecstatic this week and the band would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the support to date. To reflect this, the duo's giving away the digital version of the album for free, here - for one week only! Please be sure to grab it before the link expires!
Vinyl and CD copies are still available on our shop, too - one of our hottest items at the moment, as others agree: "Electronica Album Of The Month" (Mojo), "Bowing out at the peak of their powers... Walls can still bring the goosebumps" (Uncut), "Climactic, caustic and cerebral" (DJMag). Way to go, Walls!

2015-05-05 15:26:40 // Broda Broda


Read: Philipp Gorbachev launches new label, PG Tune

Moscow raised producer Philipp Gorbachev, whose "Silver Album" was one of 2014's underground highlights, is set to release a series of singles through his own new label, PG Tune, over the coming months. The first one, "Power Of The Funk", is due for release on May 18th. Inspired by his "daytime raving" slots at Moscow club ARMA17 (have a listen to a live recording from 2014 here), Gorbachev dedicates this techno-leaning material to the human component in the dance music of today. Take a look at his upcoming dates with more to be announced soon.

  • May 8 – 4GB Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • May 9 – Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
  • June 13 – Rex Club, Paris, France

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