2016-11-16 11:29:02 // Broda Broda


Watch: COMA's "The Sea" video

COMA have shared a lovely video for "The Sea" this week taken from their 2015 album "This Side Of Paradise" and you can watch it here right now.

2016-11-11 13:14:12 // Broda Broda


Listen: Rebolledo's DGTL X Mosaic set

DGTL has the recording of Rebolledo playing at Mosaic by Maceo during Amsterdam Dance Event in October. It's up on Soundcloud now.

2016-11-11 13:07:33 // Broda Broda


Listen: SONNS' DGTL X Kompakt set

Here's SONNS' set from our Amsterdam Dance Event party with DGTL. It's streaming on DGTL's Soundcloud page.

2016-11-11 12:30:05 // Broda Broda


Listen: Patrice Baumel's DGTL X Kompakt set

Check out this recording of Patrice Baumel playing at our DGTL X Kompakt party at ADE in October.

2016-11-09 11:43:12 // Broda Broda


Watch: Max Würden's "Fernfeld" video

Enjoy the foggy and blissful video from Max Würden's Pop Ambient track "Fernfeld", which is available digitally now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

2016-10-31 22:16:02 // crazy tape


Event: "Apodiktische Gewissheit" Art Installation + 12" Vinyl by Wolfgang Voigt


Audiovisuelle Kunstinstallation.
Eröffnung. Freitag 04.11.2016, Gertruden Kirche Köln.
Präsentiert von Galerie Hammelehle und Ahrens.

Audio-visual art installation.
Opening. Friday 11/04/2016, Gertruden-Kirche Köln. 
Presented by Galerie Hammelehle and Ahrens. 




12" Musik-Vinyl.
Ab Freitag 04.11.2016 bei Kompakt.
Präsentiert von Profan. 

12" music vinyl.
Releases Friday 11/04/2016 at Kompakt.
Presented by Profan. 


2016-10-21 06:30:28 // crazy tape


Watch: Inside Kompakt with Smirnoff Sound Collective

Take a look behind the scenes of Kompakt with this feature of Smirnoff Sound Collective and GROOVE-Magazin (english subtitles available in the video menu).

2016-10-12 11:05:10 // Broda Broda


Read: Wolfgang Voigt takes "Rückverzauberung" on tour

Wolfgang Voigt hat vier "Rückverzauberung"-Termine im Oktober und November angekündigt. Die Mini-Tour beginnt am Samstag, den 15. Oktober in Newcastle beim Tusk Festival, bevor es nach Frankfurt, Mexico City und Dublin geht.

Wolfgang Voigt has announced four "Rückverzauberung" live dates in October and November. The mini-tour will start this Saturday on October 15th in Newcastle at Tusk Festival, before hitting Frankfurt, Mexico City and Dublin.

2016-09-28 11:13:04 // Broda Broda


Watch: Leandro Fresco's "Sonido Español" video from Pop Ambient 2017

Check out Leandro Fresco's video for "Sonido Español" taken from our forthcoming Pop Ambient compilation, which will be released on November 25. You can pre-order the album on iTunes and Bandcamp. Anyone pre-ordering it on Bandcamp will get hold of Leandro Fresco's "Sonido Español" as a download straightaway.

2016-09-08 09:20:54 // Broda Broda


Read: Wolfgang Voigt will issue a GAS vinyl box set

Wolfgang Voigt has announced the GAS box set, which will be released on 28th October on Kompakt. Inside this comprehensive anthology, listeners will experience the remastered albums ZAUBERBERG (celebrating the 20th anniversary of this essential album), KÖNIGSFORST, POP and the sought-after OKTEMBER 12", all together available as luxurious 10LP+4CD edition, including longer original CD edits never before available on vinyl. A must - if you consider yourself a serious fan of electronic music, you should subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. Pre-orders for the GAS box are now available at our web shop here.

Am 28 Oktober veröffentlich KOMPAKT die GAS BOX, die Wiederveröffentlichung der GAS-Alben ZAUBERBERG, KÖNIGSFORST, POP und der begehrten OKTEMBER 12", alle vereint in einer luxuriösen 10LP+4CD Edition. Vorbestellung für die GAS BOX nehmen wir absofort in unserem Webshop entgegen. Hier!

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