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Pre-order the new GAS album "Narkopop"

The rumors are true: 17 years after his last official album release as GAS, Kompakt pioneer Wolfgang Voigt returns to one of his most beloved monickers and will release a brand-new GAS album called 'Narkopop', due April 21st 2017. Pre-order it now as hardcover CD artbook, 3xLP vinyl artbook (both including a 24 pages booklet) or digital! Furthermore, a new GAS Live show will debut in Copenhagen April 8 and will go on tour for the rest of the year - stay tuned for more dates here

2017-03-10 04:47:45 // crazy tape


Watch: Reinhard Voigt & Terranova present Speicher 94

This week's batch of new releases batch holds a very special outing - the latest entry to our much-acclaimed Speicher series features returning Kompakt key artists Reinhard Voigt and Terranova. It's not only a triumphant first showing for Speicher in 2017, but also a personal project for both producers. Paying homage to their departed dog friends, Voigt and Fetisch remix each other's material: Voigt follows up a strong showing on his "Kontraste" EP with a deliciously raspy and hypnotic remix of Terranova's "Labrador" from their last album "Restless" - meanwhile, Fetisch returns the favor with a bouncy, twitchy rework of Voigt's own "Husky". Both cuts share a love for meaty dance floor minimalism that knows how to throw a punch, making this 12" a perfect playlist hugger for demanding players and their crowds. Check out this little trailer for Speicher 94 and get your 12" vinyl copy in our web shop now!

2017-03-04 19:14:09 // crazy tape


Read: Gas classics now available for download

Good news for GAS and Wolfgang Voigt fans - following our much-acclaimed GAS box featuring definitive editions of all the essential releases on vinyl and CD, we're finally able to offer digital download and streaming versions of these remastered classics. Each album can be purchased separately, so it's the perfect opportunity to complete your mobile GAS collection: this includes "Zauberberg", "Königsforst", "Pop" and the "Oktember EP".


2017-02-20 21:46:12 // crazy tape


Listen: Demian in the mix for THUMP

The latest arrival to our artist roster is French fancy Demian - the DJ, musician, former saxophonist (you heard that right) relocated to Paris after an influential career as electronic music pioneer and party organizer in Northern Spain. Now an accomplished producer with releases on labels such as Correspondant or Clouded Vision, he presents the "Milestars EP" on Kompakt - a quirky and vibrant track trio with an obvious knack for catchy melodic details in a kinetic techno corsage. A pretty good introduction to Demian's sound cosmos can be found with his new mixtape for THUMP, where he serves up a solid hour of churning house, slapstick techno, with a few bubblers, burblers, and bangers thrown in for good measure. "Milestars EP" hits our shelves Friday, February 20 - in the (very short) meantime, treat yourself to a top-notch DJ selection from this massively talented artist.

2017-02-17 07:17:00 // crazy tape


Read: Correspondant Label Spotlight + collector's bundles & new release

Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant imprint started a little bit under 6 years ago, but has never shown any sign of toning down its musical ambition - or slowing its release frequency, for that matter. Since that very first 12" ("Thelema" by Nhar, btw), we've been treated to a steady stream of high-grade tunes from mostly newcoming, upstarting, throughbreaking artists - with a couple of iconic names thrown in for good measure. Some those projects we recognize fairly well by now made their Correspondant debut before they started on their path to world domination - think Red Axes' 2013 EP "Caminho De Dreyfus", rereleased with an updated tracklist just a couple of months ago. To celebrate the arrival of Correspondant's latest offering, Ricardo Tobar's fantastic "Red Sea", we're thrilled to present a web shop special: four extremely reasonably priced collector's bundles bring you some of the best the label has to offer. Bundle 1 comes with Bird Of Paradise's "Baal EP", Gagnon & Pagliara's "In Spirals" and Man Power's "Planet Cock EP", wrapped in a brown paper bag including stickers. The same decorum can be found on Bundle 2, featuring Borusiade's "Feelings Of Entropy EP", Vox Low's "The Hunt" and Die Wilde Jagd's "Geisterfahrer". Bundle 3 holds Javi Redondo's "Hammocks Go West", Uriah Klapter's "Hashomer" and Man Power's "Album Remixes", while Bundle 4 has three compilation 12" samplers on offer from Correspondant Compilations 02 and 04. It's a pretty perfect moment to jump into the back catalogue of one of the best labels serving dance floors today - don't miss out on this and check them all here!

2017-01-19 13:25:52 // Broda Broda


Read: "Apodiktische Gewissheit" Gallery Version


Apodiktische Gewissheit (Gallery Version)
Gerhard Mantz / Wolfgang Voigt
January 20 - February 04, 2017
Galerie Hammelehle und Ahrens, Cologne



12" Musik-Vinyl.
Präsentiert von Profan. 

12" music vinyl.
Presented by Profan.

Out now.

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Listen: Max Würden live at Klangsphäre Festival

The honour of the last podcast of 2016 goes to Pop Ambient savant Max Würden who presents his beautiful live set from November's Klangsphäre Festival in Bochum, Germany. Because we all need to chill out for a moment before 2017 hits.

2016-12-16 22:20:44 // crazy tape


Listen: Kompakt Winter Mixes 2017

Enjoy all four of our winter mixes for this holiday season in one convenient playlist - right in time for the release of Pop Ambient 2017, two of its main protagonists put together the first one: Max Würden and Thore Pfeiffer have shown a knack for collaboration before, so it comes as no surprise that their joint mix tape is particularly flowing, featuring cuts from fellow Pop Ambient heroes Leandro Fresco and Markus Guentner as well as far-flung influences such as David Bowie, Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto or Boards Of Canada. Next up was one of our favorite newcomers this year: Krisztian Dobrocsi rose to the occasion with his album "Playback Philosophy" released last September via our sister imprint KX. Recognized for crafting weighty and soulful dance tunes, his confident balancing act between deep textures and catchy hooks also finds its way into this mix, a worthwhile winterly listening experience for dreamers and dancers alike. Our third winter mix came from none other than transcendental house artiste Clarian walking a tightrope between lounge core and space exploration simulation - look out for his upcoming Kompakt 12" release "Ankh" in January! For the fourth and final mix, we presented a highly talented young man from Cologne who is the latest addition to our booking agency´s artist roster. Phillip Jondo weaves together Dadaistic tape experiments, minimal synth and mutant disco to form ceremonial rhythms. Electronic music fans, rejoice!

2016-12-10 00:30:32 // crazy tape


Watch: Reinhard Voigt's "The Singing Saw"

Check out "The Singing Saw" from Reinhard Voigt's latest 12" grinder "Kontraste" - now available in our web shop!

2016-11-25 11:29:31 // Broda Broda


Watch: Thore Pfeiffer's "Good Life" video

Pop Ambient 2017 is out now on all formats and Thore Pfeiffer has shared a dreamy video for his dreamy contribution, "Good Life". Get your hands on a copy of the record here.

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