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Hearing Weval’s music for the very first time, you might wonder from what lost vault of a veteran genius these sounds have been pulled: the Dutch duo's incredibly catchy arrangements seem perfused by a rarefied pop magic that only a chosen few have truly mastered. Two obscenely talented youngsters named Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers are the brains and muscle of the operation, dreaming up slow-burning, emotive and highly dynamic electronic music with a taste for danceable drama and ...

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Photography by Nick Helderman // jpg // 1900 x 1267 pixel

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Photography by Nick Helderman // jpg // 2012 x 1341 pixel

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Photography by Nick Helderman // jpg // 1992 x 1328 pixel

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October, 21

Kompakt / Dgtl, NDSM Docklands // Amsterdam //
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