World Cup South Africa 2010

Sahin Meyer // Best Works Records
Format // 12"
So we hope you all checked out the “Andromeda EP” from Subfossil (1/2 of Pikaya). If not let this be a reminder. Leaving our Germany based roster of artists to include a couple by the artist name “Sahin Meyer”. Let them introduce themselves in their own words: "A long time ago two people were born 800kms and 5 years apart. They learnt to talk, walk, skip, jump and then DJ. Years later they met and it was love at first sight. Now that they're married they had to share everything, so each with only one turntable they couldn't DJ and in order for them to carry on playing they had to combine the two and thus Sahin Meyer was born. Sahin Meyer (Linda and Shy Jacobs) have been gaining momentum ever since they decided to drop their old monikers Sweet Sarah & Shy and join in holy matrimony aswell as in DJ and production.They have both being DJing & putting on parties in the same city since 1999, but only met 3 years ago, a year later they made a permanent move to London to push their passion for all things deep. Even though they come from completely different backgrounds they share a passion for the deeper end of house and techno. Shy had a dream to play in the football world cup but it was just a dream. They decided to share the dream like everything and make a track called World Cup Of The Future, out of pride for their homeland South Africa.

So enough said about the artists here is some insight on the music. Sahin Meyers offering comprises 2 very techno-dub influenced Deep-House Tracks: 1) “World Cup Of The Future” and 2) “I Can't Go Broke”.

Remixes of

“World Cup Of The Future” come from Berlin-native Eva Be, who for some might be known for her previous work on Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv with her dubby electronic trademark sound and Jacek Sienkewicz of Techno-fame, who Daniel Best met on quite a few occasions in a more eclectic setting gives the whole think a soulfull techno-rub.
  • Release Date // November 30, 2009
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // BWR005
  • EAN // 880319444616