Woman And Shadow

Takuya Morita // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) Tokyo based Takuya Morita is one of the most promising young Japanese artists in the minimal techno scene. After releases on the Morr Music and CYMK labels he is now debuting on Adjunct with his most uncompromising and powerful dance music to date. A single string pattern opens up "Woman and Shadow", it's hypnotic summon is soon answered by syncopated bleepy patterns and staccato synth. Dark vocal samples permeate the scene, the bass warbles the floorboards, the cavalcade of rhythms soon turns its march into a gallop, a maddened late night ride of Takuya's wild stallions. In his Jeremy P. Caulfield catapults the original's sound particles in space and conducts their fall into a gracious dance of echoing and reverberating beauty. "Broken Memory" is another fundamental parable in Book of Morita Law of Techno. The high priest reads the Proverbs, his chimes of trance hypnotize the crowds through an infinite vertigo of magnetizing dance rhythms. A serious effort for serious Holiday celebrations.
(de) Nach seinen Releasen auf Morr Music & Cmyk, schlägt Takuya jetzt auf Adjunct zu. Guter Minimalsound!
  • Release Date // October 29, 2007
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 017
  • EAN // 880319263118