Fabian Dikof // Best Works Records
Format // 12"
After more than 2 years of waiting Berlin-based artist Fabian Dikof is back with a new release on Best Works Records his EP the “Who”.
His trade-mark sound remains: catchy arpeggio-sounds with tech-house synth usage.
With these elements he creates a very mature tapestry that gives the tune great dynamic play in its rhythmic morphosis.
The track “Camouflage” features Berlin-based vocalist Ann Weller from the band Ann & Bones.
Last but not least remixer Dubspeeka reworks the original giving it a more minimal techno-flavour and with its tool-character it hits the dance-floor full on.
The “Who” EP is yet another great stepping stone for Fabian Dikof. There is more to come from this gifted producer.
  • Release Date // April 7, 2017
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // BWR019
  • EAN // 880319852510