Was Ist Musik

Justus Köhncke // Kompakt
Format // 2xLP // CD
(en) justus köhncke is on to release his second solo album and his first for the kompakt label. for some years now justus köhncke is an integral part of the german dance community, releasing records as a member of subtle tease and the immensly successful whirlpool prod. (their dancefloor hymn 'from: disco to disco' was heard all over the world). what distinguishes justus from other producers of dance music is his extraordinary pop sensibility, his eclectic taste (which is by no means at hazard) and his feeling for the future of dance music. so it is no coincidence that was ist musik? is the second album on kompakt after the recent release of closer musik's brilliant after love album that features the extensive use of vocals, merging pop music with the minimalistic approach of the kompakt sound. but was ist musik? shows a broader range of styles: from the abstract tech-house of '2 after 909' to true pop ballads like 'weil du mich verstehst' (which features guest vocalist dirk von lotzow of tocotronic fame) justus köhncke offers an electronic universe that includes brian wilson as well as bernard edwards. next to his own compositions justus köhncke features three cover versions. the first is jürgen paape's 'so weit wie noch nie' from kompakt's total 3 compilation, then there is 'der augenblick' by artistic friend barbara morgenstern, but the real surprise is the cover of 'du bist nicht allein' by german band münchner freiheit, which is transformed into rare and pure beauty. it is often said, that an album functions as well at home as it does in the clubs. this one does.
  • Release Date // March 11, 2002
  • Format // 2xLP // CD
  • Catalog Nr // Kompakt 057
  • EAN // 718752603119