Sanfuentes // Sanfuentes Records
Format // 12"
In a spontaneous way, Sanfuentes Records releases have been offering different overviews about Latin América: The street-tour that Mijo took us into the incomparable Ciudad de México; the peep into Santiago’s idiosyncratic and sexy nightlife by Román & Castro or the nostalgia and psychedelia from Patagonia’s isolation that Rous portrayed in his “Silencio Carmesí” release.
“Visiones”, Sanfuentes’ new EP, comes from a similar place. It reflects on the continuously ongoing cultural cross-pollination happening in Latin América; a phenomena that brings unity and topples political, social and spiritual borders.
Thru the three original tracks on the release, Sanfuentes shows a very integrating vision, one that seems particularly necessary for the times we’re living. This, expanded with the remix by the North American producer LA-4A (the more Acid / Techno oriented alias of Ambivalent) to the track “Derecho Contra El Muro” (Full On Against The Wall), arguably the most political track in the lot. The track gets a completely new meaning in his hands and closes the “Visiones” EP in a top note.
  • Release Date // June 23, 2017
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // SFR015
  • EAN // 880319861512