Dilo vs Gurtz // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) Straight from the epicenter of the Argentine techno quakes, producers Franco DiLorenzo and Gonzalo Urtizberea have launched their first torpedo on Adjunct. Dilo aka Elephant Pixel is the head of the fantastic Igloo-rec label, he's made appearances on Telegraph and Unfoundsound and in collaboration with Gurtz has released a wonderful 12" on the Roman Photo label feat. a Dandy Jack remix. Gonzalo Urtizberea has also been creating a buzz with releases out on Telegraph, Eimaleins, and Alphahouse. A powerful duo proudly presented by Adjunct. Rising global temperature has driven Dilo & Gurtz far into the subsoil coolness of the "Tundra". Sinewave oscillating on and on through layers of joyful harmonies, mischievous patterns interplay, compressors can hardly contain the kick and bass tandem. A digital nightingale serenade for the late night free flights. On side B "Polaroso" continues the nordic excursions. As the numbers on the global parallels scale diminish the suspense grows and the fog thickens. Faint radio transmissions buzz on dead channels, the morse alphabet re-invented, while the twelve dog sled pushes its way further and further into the frozen lands. "Zorro de Hielo" wraps the record perfectly. The gracious walk of the fox filmed through the lens of an unfamiliar apparatus. Muted sound textures hum from the bottom of a well, deformed human voices find their way out of enormous ice blocks, electrified drum machine rides the maddened "dits" and "dahs" of the code of the Fox.
(de) Mindestens dreidimensionales Wunderwerk aus Argentinien mit ordentlich Punch und allerlei psychotropem Gespratze.
Artists Dilo // Gurtz
  • Release Date // June 11, 2007
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 015
  • EAN // 880319258015