The Torino Scale

Xaver Von Treyer // Supersoul Recordings
Format // 3x12" // CD
The Torino Scale
... is a way of gauging the potential damage that may occur in the event of an impact from asteroids or other objects
from space. As the Richter Scale measures the strength and potential damage from earthquakes, the Torino Scale is
used to measure the potential for damage from objects striking earth.
It's all about impact... But it's also about beginnings, as scientists discovered that primal DNA might have been carried to
the earth by an asteroid's collision with earth.
The Torino Scale is the debut solo album from Berlin based producer and Supersoul Recordings head Xaver von Treyer,
aka Xaver Naudascher. The result is astral pop music that swirls around the idea of beginnings, ends and aggregate
states, whilst staying true to the known Supersoul sound - strong connections to dance music (Krautrock, Italo, Chicago
and Detroit) without being nostalgic or exclusive to one style. Every track has a strong identity of it's own, showcasing
the artist’s personal take on modern pop music, ranging from psychedelic pop to acid via ambient cinematic themes.
The album was recorded and mixed in three stages in Berlin, the second half in wooded seclusion just outside the city
centre. In keeping with the overall theme, characters are introduced and whisked away with regularity, an eclectic blend
drawn from all corners of the globe.
Arthur Hornig, the first cellist for the Deutsche Staatoper, contributes to two tracks, whilst Wolfram (aka Diskokaine)
provided vocal snippets for the intricate grooves of 'Love Is A Drum' from his hotel room and Jayney Klimek (a friend
from the Terranova era) completes the mantra. London based folk-singer Nana Kay adds layers of heightened sensuality
with her vocal contribution to skulking 'We Are Alien'. A collaborator with Xaver for over a decade, Japanese singer Yuko
Matsuyama covers the whistle-led skittering pop 'Lunar Rover' in sultry poise.
The most significant contribution, however, comes from Marek Polewski, creative director at Supersoul Recordings
with his input into the visual accompaniment for the album. Images in motion form the conceptual basis, the underlying
principle being a fine balance struck between the images and sounds – no hierarchy.
‘We didn’t just want a music video for each song, or pretty pictures with soundscapes. The Torino Scale resembles a
futuristic opera using modern technology to enhance the audiovisual experience (without the sickening cheesiness
of acted drama and despair, and not simply focusing on individual anecdotes alone but touching universal and cosmic
This concept will be extended with seamless live visuals centering on a showcase event at the uberhip No.74 store in
Berlin, with support from the Art Berlin Contemporary. Expect to be transported to another world populated with ink,
lasers and hypnotic live music.
Xaver’s pedigree as a composer, engineer and producer cannot be overstated, having engineered for various members
of Einstürzende Neubauten, then worked with Terranova / Cosmonauts of Innerspace for many years, before launching
Supersoul Recordings on April Fool’s Day 2006 (the founding date ironically shared by Apple and Einstürzende
Neubauten). His credits include works for Robert Wilson (art installation), Tom Tykwer (movie scores) and countless
His debut release, ‘Motor City / Lost’ was released in 2006, before he embarked on a collaboration with Paul Mogg, of
Psychonauts fame, resulting in a pair of legendary 12”s and a series of acclaimed gigs (Space, Optimo, LoLiTa) and rave
reviews (NME, The Times).
Further collaboration ensued with James Murphy’s DFA, who licensed Supersoul for their Death From Abroad sublabel, a
springboard for overseas artists stateside, releasing Nobody Knows Anything, a double CD compilation showcasing the
best of the label’s output to date, which received praise across the board internationally.
As a remixer Xaver has laid his hands on UNKLE, Walls, Nakion, Arnaud Rebotini, Psychonauts and many more.
  • Release Date // March 26, 2012
  • Format // 3x12" // CD
  • Catalog Nr // SSREC SE 002
  • EAN // 880319538230