Take Me Higher

[a]pendics.shuffle & Mikael Stavostrand // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) The second 12” collaboration between Ken Gibson and Mikael Stavöstrand brings two more liberated compositions to our listeners. “Take Me Higher” takes itself further out beyond the world of free-style electronic music tethered by a four four beat, and leaves itself there. Guest vocalist Erika Alexandersson provides late night melancholy, her voice echoing from a small box (or perhaps a large cell) in a lonely narrative of preconscious poetry. The synth patterns riff like a cyborg guitar hero, tender transients layered in mist, as accidental orcas dive deep into a whirlpool of dissonant dreams. Tejada's remix builds on the solid rhythmic foundation of the original track, bypasses the cognitive process and directly permeates the cerebellum, effectively luring the listener into aurally-induced hypnosis (hip-nosis?). Slow-acting acid sweeps wax and wane, while thumbnail voice sketches occasionally burn through the mix, creating new currents of vocal turbulence through the original track's surf. “Small Boxes” is the “to be continued” tag at the end of this record, a pagan dance setting out on a restless hero's journey, cut short by this edit to only 6 min....
(de) Techno mit markanten Vocals die verdreht von überall herzukommen scheinen, ausser aus der Box.
Artists (a)pendics.shuffle // Mikael Stavöstrand
  • Release Date // May 7, 2007
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 014
  • EAN // 880319243516