Siete Vidas

Receptor // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) Enigmatic Chilean producer Jorge Cortes has spent the past years keeping busy with perplexing sound design, abstract techno production and a low profile maintenance. He is now beginning to reap the fruits of his labor, records already appearing on Winsome Music, Citymorb Music and Plong. Adjunct HQ had the pleasure to listen to a fine selection of his work and are happy to announce his 12" debut on the label - "Siete Vidas" The title track is a peculiar sound collage, composed of playful percussion, quaint synth pads and an over-swung patterns of Jorge's unique sound collection. This cinematic theme piece sends a friendly wink to John Carpenter from another century. For the remix [a]pendics.shuffle injects a hefty doze of energy into the original and takes it for a spin through the clouds over Echo Park. In his version "Siete Vidas" floats like an over-bloated zeppelin discotheque crowded with jiggly rhythms and bamboozling harmonies. On side B "Rumba" - an extraneous funk extravaganza moves with stagger making its way through a number of layers of anomalous sonics and extra-shuffled patterns. "Plataforma" obeys the protocol laid down by the previous track. This time Jorge runs dangerously high voltage through his drum machine, conjures up some latin magic and counterfeits jazz organ and horn stubs.
(de) Spezieller Techno mit Adjunct Duftmarke vom Chilenen Jorge Cortes, incl. [A]pendics.Shuffle Remix.
  • Release Date // October 30, 2006
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 011
  • EAN // 880319220517