Sebastian Russell // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) London resident, French born Sebastian Russell has credits to his name on labels like Milnor Modern, Telegraph and Safari Electronique. A producer with distinct sonic signature and a talent for creating infectious jacky grooves Sebastian is now a proud new member of the Adjunct faculty. Acid shower drizzle kicks "Sexus" off, melts down the tile floor and drops all the way down to the eternal basement of Seb's studio. The party is joined by squealing inorganic beings, ferocious drum computer and turns into a micro-fireworks-tech-house celebration. [a]pendics.shuffle effectively neutralizes the acid with bubbly alkaline, mischievous beats and syncopated re-sequence of the original's acid stream. "The Wing Chun Punch" and "British Fart" continue the journey beneath the city streets. Swung and extra tight beat programming, FX knobs on max, diabolical vocal warnings and other unexpected occurrences lead the way through the abstract realm of Sebastian's land of wonders...
(de) Micro-Feuerwerk-Techno Party im feinen Acid-Nieselregen der ein leichtes kribbeln auf der Haut hinterlässt.
  • Release Date // March 25, 2008
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 020
  • EAN // 880319296116