Nacht Drei

Daniel Kyo // Nitsa Traxx
Format // 12"
Legendary Nitsa Club from Barcelona comes back releasing new music fifteen years after their first venture with Nitsa Recordings. The new label is called Nitsa Traxx.
The essence is not to focus in a particular sound, but try to cover all the range of styles you can usually listen to in this acclaimed club.
Besides that, the main idea is pretty simple: the A side includes the original track and the B side comes with a remix.
First release comes from Valencian producer Daniel Kyo. After releases in Drumpoet and Bordello A Parigi, on this occasion Kyo dives into deep techno with a nostalgic hint to EBM. “Nacht Drei” sounds like one of those tracks from the infamous Ruta del Bacalao, but with a very nowadays production. Sharp and hypnotic, but with a certain sense of epic humor. Valencia style.
On the flip, Marc Piñol remixes the original track and makes it sound blurry, obsessive, fast and mental. Inspired by his legendary warmups in Nitsa Club, expect nothing more and nothing less that a simple but not-so-simple mixing tool with a personal touch. One of those long tracks for DJs who just love to make lingering transitions to flip out the crowd.
Nitsa Traxx will come back very soon with new music from people related to the club. Family and friends. Look forward to some surprises for the upcoming releases!
  • Release Date // July 21, 2017
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NT001
  • EAN // 880319869815