Journey To Solar

Maceo Plex // Ellum Audio
Format // 2xLP // Digital Album
Opening this essential release is the slow and spaced out groove of ‘Replicant V1’,with fat synths and dark spacecraft sounds circling you as the drums grow ever bigger. ‘Shoulder of Orion’ then drops into a rickety groove with soulful pads
stretching off to the horizon as rough drums march below. Proving he has real range, ‘Motor Rotor’ is a deep and driving track that conveys a real sense of motion as it races along an intergalactic highway, and ‘Love on Time’ picks up the pace yet further with twisted synths roaming free above a motorik kick and icy hi hats. Last of all for the digital release, ‘Replicant V2’ is a spacey and dramatic techno effort with
widescreen pads and gurgling synths making for a turbulent ride. First vinyl bonus cut ‘Hang On’ is a forceful seven minutes of eerie and cosmic techno that stretches out in all directions as manic melodies rain down from above.
Lastly, ‘Traktion’ is full of ominous drones, crashing percussion and sombre pads and
makes for a dramatic and driving track that is filled with pain.
  • Release Date // February 24, 2017
  • Format // 2xLP // Digital Album
  • Catalog Nr // ELLLP01
  • EAN // 880319841538