I Left My Heart In San Francisco vol. 1

Kit Clayton // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) The names of Joshua Kit Clayton and Sutekh need little introduction. The two residents of the city by the bay have released inspiring records on the now classic Californian imprints Cytrax and Delay, as well as on the brilliant labels Force Inc, ~scape, Background and Soul Jazz. Kit Clayton's "Loroco" is a synthesizer purist anthem. Raw sawtooth patterns charge forward, dense tribal drum beats jab and jagger rendering the exotic flower reference of the title irrelevant. Jorge Savoretti invites friend Lucas Mari for a ritual burning of the original. The two let the fires smolder and the ashes dance, a swarm of electric bees is out for the precious honey of the Loroco. Sutekh delivers a track we'd like to label an instant classic. The beat is electro, twisted rhythms gurgle through the track, gracious synthesizer melodies flow from the machines of a digital troubadour. In Dilo's rework he original melody dances and flirts with his latin rhythms in ecstatic celebration above the blue and windy southern seas. A musical interpretation of child-like exuberance and awe takes this little cart of a 12" no closer than halfway to the stars.
(de) Mit Kit Clayton & Sutekh, teilen sich zwei geniale Soundt├╝ftler eine Platte. Incl. Jorge Savoretti & Dilo Mix.
Artists Sutekh // Kit Clayton
  • Release Date // October 8, 2007
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 016
  • EAN // 880319258114