Glutues Maximus // Radio Bongo
Format // 12"
Olde Latin for the uppermost muscles forming that low-end base on which you sit.
Gluteus Maximus is Iceland's President Bongo and Dj Margeir. As dj collaborators, producers and promoters in Reykjavik City, this duo agreed to publicly work together when the right name would cross their paths. Thus, this moment in which you read.
These dysfunctional artists, steeped in the ancient red-art of double-handed beat-synch disorder, have traveled the world jockeying their disks all over the planet.
Similarly their combined individual remix listing is simply offensive, (Björk, Captain Comatose, Prins Póló and Kasper Björke to name a few) yet their remix as Gluteus Maximus will solidify and break back down somewhere in the middle of Sigur Rós's Gobblidigook, Gusgus’s Deep Inside and Trentemoller's Miss You.
And now with their very own original hit single “Everlasting”, featuring the magnificent Högni Egilsson, they start releasing on their very own

Radio Bongo.
Together Margeir & The President mastermind the dark machinations of Reykjavik based event company Jón Jónsson and now they rule Radio Bongo.
They are big guns. An arsenal of rotating musical mass.
They are... Gluteus Maximus
  • Release Date // August 20, 2012
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Broadcast 02
  • EAN // 880319592317