Equation II

Various Artists // Equation Recordings
Format // Coloured 12''
All DJs and producers around have at least one secret weapon to play. This series curated by Marvin & Guy is the Equation that joins together very special edits from very special artists.
It will be out in three volumes in different colours: first black, second grey and third white.
The Equation series are being released exclusively on vinyl, a limited edition of 300 copies; no digital formats will be released, and distributed by Kompakt.
With Equation 2 the A-team is back and they have changed players for this second half.
This time they bring along the Mexican outlaw hippie, a Danish who learnt how to build beats better than Lego, as well as the only Irish keener on music than in beer. And the last player is a man who abandoned the euro dance hits of the 90’s to play basketball in Peru.
  • Release Date // March 17, 2017
  • Format // Coloured 12''
  • Catalog Nr // EQ02
  • EAN // 880319842214