Ein Stückchen Urstoff

Dominik Eulberg // Traum Schallplatten
Format // 12"
Its something you usually don't want to hear in a information sheet... that "this release is the best he has done so far", but
we are quite sure "Ein Stueckchen Urstoff" is a phenomenal
piece of techno and 100% unique! Defying genres such as
melodic techno, or manipulated music, glitch or whatever.
"Ein Stueckchen Urstoff" reflects on Dominik Eulberg’s sound design he developed for his "Diorama" album, fused with
much more hedonistic force, phantasy and tons of wit to go
with it.
The a-side "Offenbach" brings the "collective feel" in dance
music to a new level. Parts of the percussions in his track
are so slack they make you feel like being slapped in the
face with a wet towel whereas others are even melancholic
and some synth sounds are so euphoric and explosive you
get carried away big time.
Dominik creates these strange and bizarre sounds and soundscapes that evoke that childlike sense of wonder you
feel when experiencing something for the first time. It is as if Dominik was inventing his own language speaking in an unpredictable tongue of spontaneity — but with all the
weirdness. What's really stunning is the fact that everyone
who has heard the track, seems to celebrate it relentlessly.
"Offenbach" is an absolutely highlight and very DJ friendly
as well.
"Die Blaue Sekunde" is equally breathtaking and
groundbreaking! It’s beats are made out of exploding
firecrackers and acoustic "rooms", they are huge and
spacious as anything. The melodies rotate with brutality and
hyper dynamics take place sucking in your energy like a
Switching from one extreme to the next one as if both were
brother and sisters, Dominik plunges into a pool of lush
sounds in the break… as if taking a bath in one of the Westerwaelder lakes Dominik lives close to. "Die Blaue
Sekunde" is an emotional roller coaster of the finest quality
you don't want to miss.
"Microorgasmen Im Morgentau" the b2 track on the vinyl is a cinematic soundtrack with a DJ twist… It’s much more
intimate, personal and serious then the other two tracks. A
moody journey of a track without being deep house or
whatever is so fashionable these days. The track has a
rather medieval quality something which has been said
about Aphex Twin with his early " Coustic Window" tracks.
The bonus track which comes only with the digital version of
the release "Als Er Den Gleißenden Rand Seines Schattens
Sah" is a piano track Dominik recorded while it was storming
and rainy outside left alone with a candle, matches and twenty taxidermically prepared animals.
  • Release Date // November 12, 2012
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Traum V156
  • EAN // 880319600210