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Franco Cinelli // Adjunct
Format // 12"
(en) The next abstract techno chapter in the chronicles of Adjunct is written by Argentine producer Franco Cinelli whom some of you may know from his collaboration with Bruno Pronsato for the brilliant Milnor Modern label. The commanding title track opens up the set, a stripped down and straight to the point techno number, no knob left unturned on the drum machine control board, no e ect left bypassed, no escape from the powerful attraction of this dance

oor magnet. The epic "Cascadas" follows, a late night yearning for the lost souls of funk. Thumping deep bass and ringing percussion color the set for the performance of a suspenseful cavernous muzak while seductive synth patterns lure the listener into involuntary body movements. B side dives further down into a whilrlpool of mesmerizing sonic abstarctions. "F2" is a restless locomotive blazing through ever mutating landscapes, riding on tracks of solid bass, the

lter knob aloof to lead the way to the acid techno moment of truth. In other words the most solid dance number on this plate. Bruno Pronsato appears in strong disagreement with Franco's intentions, funnels down all the tension of the original into his turbid basement lab and laces the track with fragments of the original's bright sounds, his signature jazztechno intact delivering a monumental

nale this e ort of biblical proportions.
(de) Der nächste Abstrakt-Techno Abschnitt in der Adjunct Chronik kommt von F.Cinelli. Mit Bruno Pronsato Mix.
  • Release Date // March 19, 2007
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Adjunct 013
  • EAN // 880319243417