Another Jam EP

Nandu // Connected
Format // 12"
Nandu returns for his 2nd release on connected with another unique pair of tracks , the first an african influenced song with the mesmerising vocals of Oluhle , the second a 909 style acid dark dancefloor workout.
1. Nandu & Oluhle - Umfazi Omuhle (Original Mix)-
A gentle almost cautious arrangement building slowly and ethereally with a beautiful selection of sounds and an african influenced Nandu rythm with shakers and claves providing an original feel and leaving space for Oluhle’s moving vocals.
2. Nandu – Another Jam (Another Acid Dub)-
A more aggressive,upfront side from Nandu. for the intense spot of the night with twisted groove of claps and percussion, heavier in the lows with a proper 909 kickdrum with the acid line coming in half way through..... hot.
Artists Nandu // Oluhle
  • Coming on // January 26, 2018
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Connected 022
  • EAN // 880319897412