Adromeda EP

Subfossil // Best Works Records
Format // 12"
So at last after all those Andre Lodemann records a new artist on Best Works Records, a fellow who runs by the name of Subfossil (Daniel Ramm). Daniel Ramm is obsessed by programming music since 1993. With an Amiga500 he gets his first opportunities of programming music, from initially fast melodic trance to a sudden inspiration by slower house music in 1995. Later he did several live sets in Brandenburg region, around Berlin and in his home town, with a simple set-up (amiga/sampler/synth). His training as electronical communication engineer reinforced his interest for music-production. In 1999 he moved to Berlin. His love of electronical music, however, soon brought him together with Frank a Dj friend from his home-town. Together they are producing and touring as Pikaya (since 2000). Pikaya has put out quite a few releases on labels such as Cadenza, Meander, etc. In those early years Daniel Ramm was also producing with Andre Lodemann. They also produced the first version of „Searchin“ a more down-tempo mix around 2000 aswell.

Subfossils music can be defined as being both deep and musical trying to give his tracks twists and turns from beginning to end. Also Daniel Ramm is a real teutonian perfectionist, each sound has been clearly defined in every nuance.

The Munich native Roland Appel delivers the remix for „Can't get no sleep“. A solid floor-filler with emtional outburts typical of his production style.

On the cover of the record you will find yet another Berlin record store picture. This time Rotation Records, near Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin.
  • Release Date // September 21, 2009
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // BWR004
  • EAN // 880319437519