Amai #3/4

Various Artists // Vlek
Format // 7"
A1 - DZA K-for Katamari
DZA hits us with an ice-cold triumphant banger here.
The unstoppable force of the track rolls along picking up more and more snappy percussive elements, engaging drum patterns and even some 80's style vocal sample solos along the way.   
A heavy low end ensures dance floor compatibility whilst the intricate detail and layering on the mid to hi elements make it a pleasure to listen to on your mp3 player too.
A2 - HERRMUTT LOBBY - Cosmonautes Funk for 2 Joysticks (Live Take)
It's hard not to picture these 2 guys dodging meteors and returning enemy fire in their intergalactic Space Funk laboratory whilst listening to this unidentified flying-funk opus.
Long astral break downs and prepare-to-launch build ups take you through wormholes to new levels of this 2 player space shoot 'em up, the music effortlessly conjuring up the imagery the track title promises to deliver.
This is future inter-stellar in-flight music if ever there was such a thing.
B1 - RICHARD COLVAEN - Polimetria
Richard Colvaen shows us his versatility once more by bringing a chilled out, deep, slightly mournful feel to the table.
A slightly industrial bed of drums becomes enveloped in highly expressive and emotive lead synth lines.
There is something aquatic and calming about its depth and width, and something refreshing and honest about its melodies and (virtual) instrumentation.
This is a finely crafted track in which a space has been preserved to allow the listener's mind to drift and travel with the music.
Artists Herrmutt Lobby // DZA // Richard Colvaen
  • Release Date // November 14, 2011
  • Format // 7"
  • Catalog Nr // VLEK 05
  • EAN // 880319544316