Amai #2/4

Various Artists // Vlek
Format // 7"
(en) This Brussels-based crustacean's cosmic craft has to be heard to be believed. Sounds spring to life from forgotten corners of your speakers, each one battling for your attention yet always emerging at the right time and the right place, painting its part of the picture. Shards of broken breakbeat litter the sea-bed and form a solid back bone for this invertebrate's innovative use of samples, synths and instrumentation. Leading you from one vast soundscape to the next, complete with unexpected plot twists in foreign waters, Squeaky Lobster's beats take you out of the aquarium and into the abyss.

This Russian beatmaker scavenges most of his samples right off VHS or dictaphone tapes. Melodies you've never heard, together with familiar retro samples, create a nostalgic and cinematic mood. Masterly produced hip hop instrumentals, a clear and fresh sound, new themes and original interpretations of old and good - this is the spin of Lapti.
(de) Squeaky Lobster (Belgium).
This Brussels-Based Crustacean's Cosmic Craft Has To Be Heard To Be Believed. Sounds Spring To Life From Forgotten Corners Of Your Speakers, Each One Battling For Your Attention Yet Always Emerging At The Right Time And The Right Place, Painting Its Part Of The Picture. Shards Of Broken Breakbeat Litter The Sea-Bed And Form A Solid Back Bone For This Invertebrate's Innovative Use Of Samples, Synths And Instrumentation. Leading You From One Vast Soundscape To The Next, Complete With Unexpected Plot Twists In Foreign Waters, Squeaky Lobster's Beats Take You Out Of The Aquarium And Into The Abyss.
Lapti (Rus).

This Russian Beatmaker Scavenges Most Of His Samples Right Off Vhs Or Dictaphone Tapes. Melodies You've Never Heard, Together With Familiar Retro Samples, Create A Nostalgic And Cinematic Mood. Masterly Produced Hip Hop Instrumentals, A Clear And Fresh Sound, New Themes And Original Interpretations Of Old And Good - This Is The Spin Of Lapti.
Artists Lapti // Squeaky Lobster
  • Release Date // April 4, 2011
  • Format // 7"
  • Catalog Nr // VLEK 02
  • EAN // 880319516610