Air Texture, Vol. IV

Various Artists // Air Texture
Format // 2xCD
The Air Texture Series returns for it’s annual event where two producers are asked to select a CD each of more experimental electronic music for combined release.

AIR004 invited Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN to make the selections.

Composers present a thoughtful survey in new electronic, modern classical, noise, ambient and synth-based music.

Press by Tailored Communication.

Steve Hauschildt is an American electronic musician and founding member of the band Emeralds based in Ohio with releases on Kranky and Editions Mego.

Steve has collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never, sound designer/composer Alan Howarth, Lusine and others.
A compelling leftfield and dance music producer, BNJMN (Ben Thomas) hails from the shores of England’s Bournemouth now based on the digital shores of Berlin.

BNJMN has released music on Rush Hour, Delsin, Ninja Tune’s Technicolour, and Astro:Dynamics.

Collaborations include Opal Tapes man Best Available Technology.
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  • Release Date // November 3, 2014
  • Format // 2xCD
  • Catalog Nr // AIR 004 CD
  • EAN // 641444155729