Kompakt Night

Now in its second decade of operation, Kompakt founders Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, Jürgen Paape and Michael Mayer run more than just a label but also a successful record store in Cologne's Werderstraße, an international distribution and a booking agency. Thanks a staggeringly versatile artist roster where the big-room styles of Kölsch and Gui Boratto coexist with the more abstract experiments of Wolfgang Voigt, or where Michael Mayer's pop-inflected techno shares space with the uncanny electronics of Matias Aguayo Kompakt has evolved into a label of many faces. Hosting clubs and festival stages pretty much all over the world, you'll find Kompakt's events in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam - or just around the corner, in the label's hometown of Cologne. Additionally, regular label nights are being offered in famed clubs like Barcelona's Nitsa or Berlin's Panorama Bar. Kompakt nights are bookable through Kompakt Booking. A Kompakt night must feature at least three artist.

Official aftermovie of the "DGTL presents Kompakt ADE"