2018-01-11 10:44:56 // Flexonaut


Listen: John Tejada - Autoseek

John Tejada delivers a new LP on February 09 (Vinyl / CD). Autoseek is the opening track that is available now as part of the preorder

2017-05-25 21:25:23 // crazy tape


John Tejada in the mix for Thump

Check out a cool interview and a handsome, deep techno mix from John Tejada!

2015-03-24 15:00:49 // crazy tape


Event: Michael Mayer and John Tejada at Fabric - win tickets & CDs + artist interview

March 28th will find Kompakt head honcho Michael Mayer returning to one of his favorite clubs, London's Fabric. Joining him in Room One will be none other than synth wizard John Tejada, one of our most cherished label artists that recently turned heads with his stellar new full-length "Signs Under Test". Leading up to the fest, Fabric's website also hosts an extensive and highly informative interview session between the two luminaries, chaired by Kompakt label manager Jon Berry - read it here! Furthermore, we'd like to celebrate the occasion with a nice little contest: just send your name and mailing address to contest@kompakt.fm and win two tickets and a copy of Michael's much-loved Fabric mix CD! May the beat be with you.

2015-02-13 14:15:50 // crazy tape


Read: Future Music Magazine in the studio with John Tejada

Get a good preview of the new issue of Future Music Magazine including an exhaustive studio photo shoot and interview with synth mastermind John Tejada - whose new full-length "Signs Under Test" has just been released and is already hailed as one of his best works to date!


2015-01-12 11:29:42 // crazy tape


Read: John Tejada signs up for XLR8R's "Ask The Experts"

XLR8R's monthly "Ask The Experts" column is back on track for 2015, enlisting the services of veteran artist John Tejada to help enlighten us ordinary mortals dabbling in our little project studios. A producer with a real wealth of experience, Tejada is also under way finalizing his new album "Signs Under Test" (available for pre-order here), but will stand ready for your questions in the next instalment of "Ask The Experts" - feel free to ask about whatever you like: it can also be something specific about his career, or something more general about his influences or artistic approach. All questions should be sent to asktheexperts@xlr8r.com; they'll be passed along to Tejada, and at the end of the month, XLR8R will publish his answers!

2015-01-09 17:18:35 // crazy tape


Read: John Tejada's "Signs Under Test" now available for pre-order

Following his much-acclaimed full-length „The Predicting Machine“ and a slew of pop-infused 12“ singles - „We Can Pretend“ and „Somewhere“ -, LA-based synth mastermind John Tejada returns with new album "Signs Under Test": comprised of all-new material, this latest effort sees the studio wizard digging deeper into his modules, unearthing particularly dreamy tracks that rank among his most accomplished work to date. „There's a bit more dreamy tape wobble going on throughout“, says the producer about his latest effort, „as I’ve gone quite analog tape with my delays and patches - on the verge of actually being broken, which gives them a nice character.“ It also might explain the air of intimacy surrounding the album - a quite personal listening experience taking the listener up close with its details and idiosyncracies, „maybe even more than before, as I’ve tried to cut out distractions and really focus on the production.“ The result is a particularly excellent album that we can't wait sharing with you - which is why we invite you to check out this audio stream of album highlight "Y 0 Why" ahead of the release in February 2015, a perfect storm made of cosy melancholy and celestial bliss, all wrapped up in some of the most exquisite sonics you'll hear this winter. "Signs Under Test" is now available for pre-order here!


2014-11-19 11:54:17 // crazy tape


Listen. John Tejada in the mix for Electronic Groove

Expert music hub Electronic Groove is celebrating its 500th podcast - and our main man from Los Angeles John Tejada dropped a mighty fine mixtape to congratulate them. Check it out here! Fittingly, John is also hard at work readying his upcoming new album "Signs Under Test" - will hit dem shelves on February 2nd, 2015!

2014-10-15 06:40:20 // crazy tape


Listen: Kölsch in the mix for Mixmag

Mixmag caught up with Kölsch for a new mix - you'll find lots to love in here with bleeding edge cuts from the likes of John Tejada, Vermont, Gui Boratto and more, including a few bangers from the man himself. Check out the tracklist here and get the mix at iTunes!

2014-05-14 12:09:57 // crazy tape


Listen: John Tejada throws down for SEKOIA

There's a new mixtape up from none other than master patch hound John Tejada who throws down for SEKOIA - check the mix here!

2014-03-20 17:26:08 // crazy tape


Event: Standard Sounds X Kompakt at The Standard Spa, Miami

Kompakt teamed up with Standard Sounds and new streaming music service Beats Music for a flamboyant weekender at The Standard Spa in Miami. An exclusively curated listening experience with playlists by renowned artists like Barnt, Michael Mayer, John Tejada, Superpitcher, Blond:ish, Wolfgang Voigt, Kölsch, The Field, Saschienne and many, many more will delight visitors from Thursday, March 27th through Sunday, March 30th. For the grand BBQ finale on Sunday, Life And Death's DJ Tennis will rule over the wheels of steel - in person. More info can be found here and here... and the entire program is this:

March 27
John Tejada
Kompakt Plays Pop Ambient
+ Bar/Restaurant: Michael Mayer/COMA/Elekfantz/Sasse

March 28
Michael Mayer
Kompakt Plays Pop Ambient
+ Bar/Restaurant: Kölsch/Vermont/Danny Daze/Rebolledo

March 29
Wolfgang Voigt
Kompakt Plays Pop Ambient
+ Bar/Restaurant: Superpitcher/John Tejada/Thomas Fehlmann/Saschienne

March 30
Kompakt Plays Pop Ambient
+ Bar/Restaurant: Ewan Pearson/DJ Tennis/Barnt/Blond:ish/Jono Ma of Jagwar Ma

Closing BBQ from 4-8pm featuring DJ sets from
DJ Tennis (Life And Death, Kompakt) & Arman Naféei (Standard Sounds)

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