2017-05-31 19:09:54 // crazy tape


Michael Mayer plays upcoming Speicher 96 from Christian Nielsen & Locked Groove

A few weeks back, our very own Michael Mayer played Festival Panoramas and couldn't stop himself to give the crowd a taste of the upcoming Speicher 96 featuring Christian Nielsen & Locked Groove. The cut in question is Nielsen's "Hard Times" - pre-order the 12" now at our web shop!

2017-05-25 21:45:31 // crazy tape


Thump premieres Paulor remix from Rebolledo's "Mondo Re-Alterado" album

Thump México interviews Rebolledo about his upcoming "Mondo Re-Alterado" remix album, premiering a rollicking Paulor revamp off the full release that will also feature the likes of Maceo Plex, Red Axes, Superpitcher, Danny Daze and more. Release date is June 30th!

2017-05-25 21:45:17 // crazy tape


Video for T.Raumschmiere's "Jaguar" from new "Heimat" album

By now, electronic music fans surely have caught wind of that big, upcoming doozy on Kompakt: legendary producer/rocker/ambient renegade T.Raumschmiere is returning to the label after a hiatus of 14 years. His new full-length "Heimat" is hitting decks on May 19 - the pre-orders for the 2xLP+DL and CD versions are already flying off the figurative shelves. A video for first outtake "Wacker" dropped in early April to great acclaim and now we've got a second one for you - the vid is for follow-up single "Jaguar" and was produced by Steph Von Beauvais. "Jaguar" is also available as digital single - check it out here.

2017-05-25 21:42:53 // crazy tape


Wolfgang Voigt mixes pop diary for Resident Advisor

Last month, Wolfgang Voigt revived his legendary ambient techno project GAS with new album "Narkopop", the first full-length release under the much-revered monicker in 17 years. GAS, with its baroque classical samples and misty atmospheres, was a tribute to Voigt's childhood experiences in German forests, places where he felt most at peace. Voigt's one-of-a-kind podcast for Resident Advisor taps into a similar swell of memories, chronicling a wide spectrum of pop music from down the years. Read more about it here.

2017-05-25 21:25:23 // crazy tape


John Tejada in the mix for Thump

Check out a cool interview and a handsome, deep techno mix from John Tejada!

2017-05-04 23:59:23 // crazy tape


Check out Rebolledo's 360° Showroom for upcoming Remix Album "Mondo Re-Alterado"

June 30th will see the release of the next milestone in Rebolledo's ongoing world domination saga: "Mondo Re-Alterado" takes last year's much-acclaimed full-length "Mondo Alterado" and puts it under the sharpened remix knives of an illustrious crew of fellow producers. Superpitcher, DJ Tennis, Maceo Plex, Red Axes, Fango, Danny Daze & Shokh, Fantastic Twins and more deliver stunning takes on Rebolledos’ unique signature sound, creating a full suite of exclusive remixes, cover versions and reinterpretations. To sweeten the wait, Hippie Dance has uploaded a cool 360° showroom video introducing you to the sonic maze of "Mondo Re-Alterado" - plus there's also an excellent mix recorded by Rebolledo for Brooklyn's The Loft Radio. It's definitely check-out-worthy and should also help those chafing with impatience - or will it?

2017-05-02 22:11:15 // crazy tape


Listen to Dave DK's latest mix for 8dayCast

Dave DK is never one to shy back from a new mixtape assignment and will always make sure to pepper it with lots of surprises - he's known to resent musical limits and incorporates a multitude of inspirations into his DJ sets as well as his own productions. Montreal's 8day crew took the opportunity and signed him up for their 8dayCast series on Soundcloud. The result is a beautifully crafted, emotional and multi-layered selection of favorite cuts - enjoy!

2017-03-15 16:28:01 // crazy tape


New GAS album "Narkopop" out now

The rumors are true: 17 years after his last official album release as GAS, Kompakt pioneer Wolfgang Voigt returns to one of his most beloved monickers and will release a brand-new GAS album called 'Narkopop', due April 21st 2017. Get it now as hardcover CD artbook, 3xLP vinyl artbook (both including a 24 pages booklet) or digital! Furthermore, a new GAS Live show debuted in Copenhagen April 8 and will go on tour for the rest of the year - stay tuned for more dates here

2017-03-10 04:47:45 // crazy tape


Watch: Reinhard Voigt & Terranova present Speicher 94

This week's batch of new releases batch holds a very special outing - the latest entry to our much-acclaimed Speicher series features returning Kompakt key artists Reinhard Voigt and Terranova. It's not only a triumphant first showing for Speicher in 2017, but also a personal project for both producers. Paying homage to their departed dog friends, Voigt and Fetisch remix each other's material: Voigt follows up a strong showing on his "Kontraste" EP with a deliciously raspy and hypnotic remix of Terranova's "Labrador" from their last album "Restless" - meanwhile, Fetisch returns the favor with a bouncy, twitchy rework of Voigt's own "Husky". Both cuts share a love for meaty dance floor minimalism that knows how to throw a punch, making this 12" a perfect playlist hugger for demanding players and their crowds. Check out this little trailer for Speicher 94 and get your 12" vinyl copy in our web shop now!

2017-03-04 19:14:09 // crazy tape


Read: Gas classics now available for download

Good news for GAS and Wolfgang Voigt fans - following our much-acclaimed GAS box featuring definitive editions of all the essential releases on vinyl and CD, we're finally able to offer digital download and streaming versions of these remastered classics. Each album can be purchased separately, so it's the perfect opportunity to complete your mobile GAS collection: this includes "Zauberberg", "Königsforst", "Pop" and the "Oktember EP".


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