Event: Cómeme and Kompakt at Boiler Room Berlin

20-04-12 // by crazy tape

Big announcement today, folks! Kompakt will be teaming up with Boiler Room and our friends Cómeme next Wednesday the 25th April in Berlin. This event can be enjoyed by all via Boiler Room's live stream - show starts at 20:00 and we have a killer line up to offer up! First legend of the night is Sascha Funke (20:00 - 21:00), long time Berlin hero and family member of Kompakt since the beginning, so we're felling quite honored to have him spin for us. Together with his partner Julienne Dessange, as Saschienne they have come up with one of the most romantic albums your ears will have heard in recent time. With a Dixon remix to look forward to in a few weeks and a live tour planned you will be hearing alot more from this amazing duo. Next up is Matias Aguayo (21:00 - 22:00), a founding father of Cómeme and longstanding member of Kompakt's inner circle. From his early days in Closer Musik to the acclaimed vocal fuelled solo full length "Ay Ay Ay", he continually remains a massive inspiration for us and many others. This year will be a busy one, he's just collaborated with Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend on the brand new single "Tanto" and there are more surprises planned in the near future. Michael Mayer then takes over (22:00 - 23:00): another founder - but of our own Kompakt label -, he remains one of today's most beloved DJ's and a true tastemaker. With his brand new remix of Apparat about to drop in time for Record Store Day (exclusively in our store and on Kompakt.FM, listen to an excerpt here) and a full length album in the works, this could be his most exciting year to date. Last, but certainly not least, comes Rebolledo (23:00 - 00:00), a Cómeme favorite and currently riding a tidal wave of adoration thanks to keeping "Time" with his Pachanga Boys project. Together with fellow Hippie Dancer Superpitcher, Mexico's Rebolledo builds the perfect bridge between the romantic techno of Kompakt and the driving body music of Cómeme. This line-up alone is terrific news, but there is even more... for it is time for our contest alert: If you're in Berlin, the event is by invitation only due to the size of the space. That said, we have 20 invitations to give away! Be the first to email: contest@kompakt.fm and we'll put you on the guestlist! Sounds bloody great, doesn't it?