Listen: Demian in the mix for THUMP

20-02-17 // by crazy tape

The latest arrival to our artist roster is French fancy Demian - the DJ, musician, former saxophonist (you heard that right) relocated to Paris after an influential career as electronic music pioneer and party organizer in Northern Spain. Now an accomplished producer with releases on labels such as Correspondant or Clouded Vision, he presents the "Milestars EP" on Kompakt - a quirky and vibrant track trio with an obvious knack for catchy melodic details in a kinetic techno corsage. A pretty good introduction to Demian's sound cosmos can be found with his new mixtape for THUMP, where he serves up a solid hour of churning house, slapstick techno, with a few bubblers, burblers, and bangers thrown in for good measure. "Milestars EP" hits our shelves Friday, February 20 - in the (very short) meantime, treat yourself to a top-notch DJ selection from this massively talented artist.