First Advent: Tobias Schmid & Stefan Sieber

12-02-12 // by crazy tape

Our Advent Calendar opened its first door yesterday, and the simple procedure (show gift basket on Facebook, give gift basket to one lucky son of a gun) is basically the same for every day... except on Sundays: here, we usually present you with a DJ mix streaming for everybody. Today, it's the turn of Tobias Schmid & Stefan Sieber, who for almost ten years kept the flag flying for electronic dance music in Augsburg. Even more, they’ve influenced a whole generation of DJs, musicians and the average party crowd with their monthly shows. The more attentive among you folks might have already noted that unlike the following Sunday mixes, the auto.matic.mix isn't exclusive to our Advent Calendar, as it's been made available commercially for a while now. That's why we also offer up the original CD release. To get this, you just have to enroll via the entry form and cross your fingers... and in case you don't win, don't be too disappointed: there is tons of great stuff coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for the daily Advent Calendar reveal on our Facebook page. The Christmas countdown has just begun!