Watch: Reinhard Voigt & Terranova present Speicher 94

03-10-17 // by crazy tape

This week's batch of new releases batch holds a very special outing - the latest entry to our much-acclaimed Speicher series features returning Kompakt key artists Reinhard Voigt and Terranova. It's not only a triumphant first showing for Speicher in 2017, but also a personal project for both producers. Paying homage to their departed dog friends, Voigt and Fetisch remix each other's material: Voigt follows up a strong showing on his "Kontraste" EP with a deliciously raspy and hypnotic remix of Terranova's "Labrador" from their last album "Restless" - meanwhile, Fetisch returns the favor with a bouncy, twitchy rework of Voigt's own "Husky". Both cuts share a love for meaty dance floor minimalism that knows how to throw a punch, making this 12" a perfect playlist hugger for demanding players and their crowds. Check out this little trailer for Speicher 94 and get your 12" vinyl copy in our web shop now!