Read: Thomas Fehlmann remixes Depeche Mode's "Heaven"

25-01-13 // by crazy tape

As just reported from Depeche Mode's label Sony and their own website, the band will be releasing their new single "Heaven" January 25th in Germany, January 28th in the rest of Europe and January 29th in the states. The 3:53 track will be a teaser for the new studio album "Delta Machine" to be released in March 2013. We are proud to announce that long time Kompakt producer, co-founder of notorious German new wave legend Palais Schaumburg and member of The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann was commissioned to do a remix for the single, alongside such luminaries like Blawan and Matthew Dear. Check out Thomas Fehlmann's latest full-length release "Gute Luft (Original Soundtrack from the 24h Berlin Documentary)" available on Kompakt.FM here or via iTunes here.