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Butane // Num
Format // 12"
(en) The 9th release from Num Records comes courtesy of Butane, Alphahouse Records' boss Andrew Rasse from the USA, releasing minimal techno tracks since 2004 which have already graced compilations worldwide. A militant DJ from St. Louis, Missouri who now travels extensively, Butane is taking giant steps with each release. This double-tracker provides a markedly deep techno take on his always evolving sound.

The A-side features the super-efficient "Tinker Toy", starting in simple and laidback fashion, then quickly piling slick grooves in a ruthless way up to the boiling point. Bubbling and organic, with a deep, mean bass. Speaking of which, besides a cool meta-title "Your Bassline Needs Some Work" on the flip side has a bass that will shake and rattle every glass in the club. An almost quiet, straight lost highway of a track that chugs along in the dark desert on the way to a ghost rave party.
(de) Mit Butane & Num haben sich zwei gro├če Minimalliebhaber zusammen getan. Effizientes "shake hands"!
  • Release Date // April 18, 2006 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 09
  • EAN // 880319191114