The White Screen

The White Screen // Garzen Records
Format // LP
Garzen Records present their fourth release, and their first full-length album, The White Screen's self-titled debut album. The White Screen, the kings of trash/glam/rock n' roll, are re-inventing sex and lust in music. The two cousins, Gabriel and Gilbert Broid, are known as extra wild performers, and their shows already have a cult status in Israel with a large following of youngsters coming to every show and dressing as weird and wild as the band - they look almost like a cult of white zombies. They self-produced their debut album with the help of local producers such as Red Axes, Ryskinder, and Ram Orion. Their lyrics are very political and criticize the whole system and leadership in Israel - very not political correct. If you like to get kicked in the stomach with music, take a listen to this album.
  • Release Date // February 24, 2017
  • Format // LP
  • Catalog Nr // Garzen 004 LP
  • EAN // 880319849411