The Joint Echo Ep Reinterpretation

Various Artists // Num
Format // 12"
(en) And here it goes, the Num Records back catalog, full of pearls, is now getting a face lift a la Jane Fonda and all this by an incredible bunch of modern minimal techno activists from the 3 corners of the world. For this first remixed 12" release on Num Records, the chosen original materials concerns the previously released The joint Echo - Num 05, originally written & produced by the Num Records grounding team; Lee Van Dowski & Quenum.

And it starts with a groovy and rattling invitation to the depths of modern club action with the incredibly talented up and coming Swiss producer; Dachshund. On the flip side Jacek Sienkiewicz, the owner of Recognition Records, invite us for a polish morning dance anthem. And last but certainly not least, the man with the eternal smile, the shining Toronto international dj/producer, Jeremy P. Caulfield enlighten our darkness with it's tight as ever production skills!!!

A :The Joint Echo Remix 1 - Dachshund Dachshund strike here with a pure club burner, he as been producing for quiet a while now, under many different moniker and he lately discovered minimal techno through it's friendship with Lee Van Dowski. Back on the track now… Haaa goodness, the first minute is aimed at allowing you some time to digest what happens then, superb bass action, an incredibly catchy techno riff and as ever with the clever boy's production every bloody thing is so tight and sound wise extremely well balanced. Freak as needed and club shaking as wanted…

B1 Isoval Remix - Jacek Sienkiewicz Jacek is taking a deeper approach, he invite us here to a deep dive into actual minimal techno that is just far from being anything but boring... Wisely panned micro elements that render a whole organic feel to the cut, the ever bouncing kick, shuffling hats, superbly introduced tiny little sparks makes the track the ultimate late morning weapon, you sure know what I mean right!

B2 The Joint Echo Remix 2 - Jeremy P. Caulfield The closing remix as been written by Jeremy P. Caulfield, here as well another contemporary piece of electronic music. We go deep here as well, subtly introduced weirdo sounds with the all along dancing attraction handled by mister kick drum.

Twisted and whispered vocals in the background, a simple and effective bassline and the Joint Echo main them that subtly appears only once in the track. Great work indeed.
(de) Die Num 05 bekommt ein Facelifting von J.Sienkiewicz & J.Caulfield. Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand....
Artists Lee Van Dowski // Quenum
  • Release Date // September 25, 2006 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 11
  • EAN // 880319201714