The Darkened Component

Lee Van Dowski // Num
Format // 12"
(en) It's the 6th release on Num Records : "The Darkened Component EP" by Lee Van Dowski. In a very short amount of time, this French-Swiss producer's profile has gained a lot of visibility, which is entirely deserved. On his own label, widely considered as a stripped-down, more dancefloor-friendly version of Cadenza, Lee is at home and kickstarts the new year with more futuristic digital rock'n'roll - without the ego posturing, we're talking "faceless techno bollocks" - for those who know.

Well, techno's pretty much the new rock isn't it, minus the vocals sometimes - then again, there are many instrumental bands. You know, it's got heavy electronic riffs in loops, rising and falling, reaching intense climaxes followed by breakdowns. So bang your head to the ruthless buildups and outlandish, cosmic breakdowns of "The Darkened Component" on the A side, and consider "face B" as another A side : "Endonet" immediately grabs you with a darker atmosphere, a droning, menacing synth and nasty metallic bleeps. Starting from and returning to a confined and intimate space, all sounds expand to arena-size proportions in-between.

It's another winner for Num Records and we don't think we'll be wrong in predicting the usual German & Chilean DJs will be hammering this onto their crowds at peak time. As for the artist, well recommended by the European press and web critics, Lee Van Dowski currently has forthcoming releases out on the following labels : Soma / Pnuma, Defrag Sound Processing, Recognition, Plak and Dumb Unit. Happy record hunting !
(de) Num'scher Schieber mit frickelnden Beats & eindeutigen Rave Signalen. Typisch Num, Typisch van Dowski !
  • Release Date // January 23, 2006 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 06
  • EAN // 880319184710