Ringleader EP

CW/A // Parachute
Format // 12"
CW/A are producers Thomas Feriero and Francesco Leali, known for their releases and remixes on Parachute, R&S, Decca and Vakant, their work as Avatism, Clockwork, Opus 3000 and House ov Leaves, crushing live shows around the globe and running Parachute alongside DJ Tennis since 2013.
With ‘Ringleader’ the duo return with their first original productions since their debut full length, last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Words Unspoken, Acts Undone.’
Inspired by global trends towards Orwellian mass surveillance and cyber espionage, ‘Ringleader’ aims to be an audible interpretation of big data, ubiquitous connections and the acceptance of corporate and government spying. Grim and mechanical by nature, the six tracks — named after leaked codenames of government tools used to watch on citizens — work as a soundtrack to the destruction of privacy: a cold reflection on this aspect of society and it’s implications.
Artists CW // A
  • Release Date // December 16, 2016
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // Par 013
  • EAN // 880319832819