Planet Earth Ep

Giorgio Gigli // Mgltd
Format // 12"
(en) After having released a single with Roman producer Donato Dozzy & Say Dj (mgltd011 "Polarity ep"), it just came naturally to us to work with his mate Giorgio Gigli (Elettronica Romana, Dumb-Unit), after all they act like a team, whether it is in the club or in the kitchen. Two long dj friendly hypnotic, minimal and tripping tracks, with the high standard you can except from these italians.
(de) Zwei dreidimensional trippende Langzeitlieder vom Fachmann für freischwebenden & hypnotischen Techno.
  • Release Date // February 19, 2007 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // MGLTD 017
  • EAN // 880319239816