One Sentence (Efdemin Mix)

Jacopo Carreras // Lan Muzic
Format // 12"
(en) Break out the banners and join Lan Muzic in welcoming Efdemin to the fold! Maestro of mmmmm deep techno, the Berlin producer and DJ is the special guest star here, remixing Jacopo Carreras in the companion single to Jaco's astonishing debut album, From Bed to Couch.

Not to toot our own horns too much, but From Bed to Couch is truly something special. Mixing up gritty analog techno with experimental beat suites and showcasing a rare musical sensibility, as well as serious technical chops-much of the software used in making the album was programmed by Jacopo himself-it's certainly one of the most original "electronic" albums you'll hear this year. (We also think it's one of the best.)

The single showcases "One Sentence," one of the album's most straight-ahead tracks-although in the case of Jacopo Carreras, you'll find that "straight-ahead" is still a refreshingly jagged path. Brittle arpeggios scatter like broken glass around driving drum programming and an ominous bass line that pushes in pulls in two directions at once. But as jarring as the components are, there's a real delicacy here, as Jacopo's treated vocals add a melancholic touch. This is muscular techno for dreamers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Fresh off his epic Grimes Adhesif remix on Curle Petite, Efdemin takes another left turn, surprising those who would pigeonhole him as a "deep house" producer with this graceful exercise in restraint. Stripping back the original to a flutter of hi-hats and congas, Efdemin slides into a long, smooth glide punctuated by tip-toeing chords. It feels like cruising down an abandoned highway at night, the fluorescent lights above alternating yellow and purple, throwing flashes of aquarium light across the face in the passenger seat: intimate and alien all at once.

Closing out the record, Jacopo offers up the album cut "Manky," another of the album's most forceful tracks. With its swells of rolling percussion and cascading arpeggios, this is what lesser minds might call "floor-friendly"-but if you listen closely, you'll notice that Jacopo seems to wear not an innocent smile, but a wicked grin. It's a feisty, frisky workout with mischief in its heart.
(de) Ziemlich amtliche Technoplatte die munter drauflos trommelt und sägt ohne stumpf zu sein. Mit Efdemin Mix.
  • Physical Release Date // August 25, 2008
  • Digital Release Date // September 8, 2008
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // LAN MUZIC 015
  • EAN // 880319318610