My Missing Toys Ep

Lee Van Dowski // Num
Format // 12"
(en) fade in -60dB source full tension release preferred waveform merge zone FloorFiller™ bass advanced filtering main power switch disconnect fade in granular patterns, fine delay custom flow engineering external hi-hat synchronized waveform : The interceptor tuning circuits override hi-hat scan resume, glass percussion layer peak funk resonance click tone pattern isolator advanced hi-hat scanning hi-hat standby snare link & crystal percussion layers sharp hi-hat velocity drive deep bass channels enabled textured spectrum generator real-time random data oversampling AutoMistake™ on LEE VAN DOWSKI MY MISSING TOYS Land speeder (A) The interceptor (B) waveform : Land speeder Swiss precision engineering ( not for mainstream use ) manual reset (safety off) fade in FloorFiller™ bass & expanded drum step FloorFiller™ bass matrix distortion optimal snare attack tuning circuits disconnected, hi-hat standby preferred waveform merge zone
(de) Zwei Tracks in Lee's typischer Handschrift aus vergangenen Cadenza Tagen. Vertrackt, magisch, druckvoll !
  • Release Date // September 5, 2005 (physical & digital)
  • Format // 12"
  • Catalog Nr // NUM 02
  • EAN // 880319159619